30-Second Word Whoop: “Hogwash”

Happy as a pig in slop. That idiom is not hogwash.

“Hogwash” seems an oxymoron, unless the pig in question is awash in mud.

The term comes from the slop that pigs sloppily eat — a farm mix of refuse that swine have a hard time refusing. Fascinating how many loosey-goosey synonyms for hogwash we can find on the farm:

  • applesauce
  • balderdash (on Scottish farms, a mix of milk and ale)
  • baloney (homonym for “bologna,” made from the pigs)
  • bilge water
  • balls
  • bull
  • bull dust
  • bullshit
  • crock
  • a load of manure, crap, shit, etc.
  • fiddle-faddle (using corn from the farm)
  • garbage
  • rubbish
  • trash
  • tripe
  • rot
  • horse feathers (mythically speaking)
  • horseshit
  • humbug (chasing the horseflies)
  • poppycock (daddy rooster? No, literally “soft dung”)

I’m on a sausage roll.

It’s all nonsense, however you slice it. Whether or not there’s truly a bacon shortage, there’s no shortage of ways to say “nonsense” — so no sense limiting yourself to “nonsense.”

A few choice more, for the rinse:

    • blather
    • drivel
    • drool
    • eyewash
    • moonshine
    • soft soap
    • swill

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About Terry Byrne

Writer-editor with deep reservations about holding her tongue. Fan of both nature and nurture. Lifelong fascination with gender studies, sexuality, music and brainpower.

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