30-Second Word Whoop: “Homefront”

What’s new on the homefront?

If you’re in the news media business, the answer might be: “Everything.”

“Homefront” is the term we at USA TODAY use to refer to the “front page” of our website. More commonly, website designers and users refer to any dotcom landing page as a “home page” (coined in 1993).

The patriotic concept of “home front” hails from 1917, the World War I era.

The patriotic nation’s newspaper was established in 1982.

Something about the term homefront in our digital all-hands-on-deck race raises the stakes — as if we’re constantly at war.

And we are, against the clock and ourselves, as we are our own worst enemies, knowing full well haste makes waste.

One thing for sure: We at USA TODAY try to ensure our homefront always maintains a certain curb appeal.

World War I-era poster from U.S. Department of...

World War I-era poster from U.S. Department of Labor: “If you can use tools you are needed for patriotic service, at good wages to build ships…” Like all modern journalists, we’re hoping we aren’t laboring on a sinking ship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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